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  • Technologies
    • C#/VB.NET
    • ASP.NET
    • Windows Forms
    • WPF
    • Silverlight
    • Dynamic HTML/JavaScript
    • jQuery, Prototype
    • ColdFusion
    • PHP
    • SQL Server 2000
    • MySQL
  • Hosting
    • Host your website at an affordable rate on the AnderWeb Server
  • Experience
    • Online Member/User Management
      If you're tired of using Excel or Access files to keep track of your members, customers, etc, you might consider moving online. I've helped several businesses and organizations through this process.
    • Advanced Management Tools
      Reduce paperwork and costs associated with up keeping your business records by porting them online. Below are just a few examples of the many tools available for your organization:
      • Member Profile Management
      • Calendar/Event Management
      • File/Resource Management (ie, newsletters, websites, etc)
      • Advanced Email Tools
      • Website Visitor Statistics
      • Message Boards
      • Online E-Voting System
      • Advanced Reporting Tools
      • Committee Tools
    • Design and Photography
      Feel free to browse through my Portfolio for examples of my design experience. Rest assured your design will be built on a solid foundation of cross-browser-compatible and fast code. I hand-code all my websites, which means I am familiar with all the nuances of HTML. Many designers just know a bit of HTML and rely on programs like Dreamweaver to do the rest. This limits their usefulness when things go wrong and can also unnecessarily bloat your website, resulting in slower-loading pages.
      In addition to design I have a large library of photographs (Andersen Images) available for use to further enhance your site.
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